Meet me

I am a certified experienced yoga teacher and a registered Prenatal yoga teacher (ERYT 500, RPYT). Yoga has inspired my life's journey for most part of my adult life and has been my calling since 2005. In 2015. I started studying body oriented psychotherapy with Siegmar and Cornelia Gerken, two wonderful people and teachers, and will soon become a certified psychotherapist.

My yoga journey started in 1998. when I moved to London to live and study. A dear friend introduced me to Ashtanga yoga and to my fist teacher Gingi Lee who later inspired me to become a teacher. Ashtanga became my daily practice and a big part of my life. I also practiced with Hamish Hendry, who was than one of a few certified Ashtanga teachers in Europe. 

Soon after leaving London I had the opportunity to spend some time in the USA where I continued practicing Ashtanga and further explored different yoga styles like Vinyasa flow, Power yoga, Anusara, Viniyoga, Forrest yoga and Yogic Arts etc. I attended workshops, yoga conferences and teacher trainings with teachers like David Swenson, Shiva Rea, Baron Baptiste, Brian Kest, Ana Forrest, Duncan Wong, Seane Corn, Gary Kraftsaw and many others. In 2005. I moved to Miami and enrolled into a 200 hour teacher training in "Miami yoga shala". I continued my education trough different workshops and teacher trainings and discovered that Vinyasa flow is practice that my body and soul felt most connected to. 

I met my core Vinyasa teacher Shiva Rea at Omega conference and fell in love with her Prana flow system, so enrolled in 300 hour Prana flow teacher training and later got to assist Shiva in teacher trainings which was such a great learning experience.  

In 2006. I moved back to Zagreb and founded Sangha yoga studio where, with great love and joy I teach today. I teach weekly classes, hold workshops, teacher trainings and have over the years brought many great yoga names, mostly my teachers and friends to Zagreb. Apart from Sangha I hold workshops nationally and internationally and lead yoga retreats on beautiful locations in Croatia and worldwide. 

In 2011. I founded Spanda Vinyasa yoga school and its 200, 300 hour and Prenatal yoga YA certified trainings. I have developed my own Vinyasa flow method and sequences I call Integral Vinyasa yoga, based on many years of practice, studying and teaching, and this is what I mostly teach today.

I am a part of Supersoul yoga ‘’a platform created to support and connect talented yoga teachers, curious travelers, foodies, artists, doers, thinkers, and share their knowledge with others.’’.

I am also a photographer, graphic designer and a free spirit, passionate traveler, truth seeker, a Sagittarius of Pitta constitution born in the year of the Snake - feisty and a rebel with a cause. Travel is my passion; meeting new people, exploring new lands and enjoying new experiences makes my heart full. I love to move, I enjoy change. I love surfing, sailing, motorcycles, tattoos. 

I have been a vegetarian since I was 18 years old, and as most of us, enjoy good food and love good wine. And chocolate of course. Today I am a vegan - I believe you are what you eat.

I went to art school and love to create. I love photography and capturing wonderful moments in time. I enjoy writing and blogging. Whether it is designing, writing, creating a new yoga sequence or a new business project, creating something new and exciting gives me much joy. 

I love my dog Seeta, my family, friends, my students. I love LIFE. I am a truth seeker and believer in magic. I believe in practicing compassion, tolerance and living from the heart - this is my most important daily practice. ”