200-hour teacher training in Portugal
with Nina Vukas & guest teachers
September 28th - October 12th 2019.

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This 200 and 300-hour teacher training in Portugal comes close to the 10th year anniversary of the Spanda Vinyasa Yoga School (formerly Sangha Om Yoga School) and of my transition from a yoga teacher to a teacher trainer. Experience is important for me, and I am grateful for mine as it taught me a lot - what works and what doesn't, the do's and don'ts; I learned from successes as well as from mistakes. Actually, more from mistakes come to think of it. But, what it taught me the most is to question everything. To check and recheck everything I teach. This is also the main thing I try to teach my students; to question, research and ultimately find their own truth, to find their own voice. I feel this training is the culmination of so much, and hope it will be a transformative journey, both personal and professional, for all sharing this experience. ~ Nina

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This 200-hour programme is designed with you in mind. We know time is precious and taking almost a month away from the family and work is a luxury for most. This is why this-200 hour Yoga Alliance verified programme is divided into three modules, first one being an online part of the training which you can do in your own pace and time, within the two months before the training. Online training will cover some long lectures and basics we will dig deeper into during the 2nd and 3rd module, and it will prepare you for the rich curriculum and the intensity of an intensive teacher training. We meet for the 2nd and 3rd module immersion in beautiful Olive 3 yoga retreat in Ericeira, close to Mama Ocean and everything else we need.

Core teachings of Spanda Vinyasa yoga school are rooted in Integral Vinyasa method which stems from Hatha yoga teachings, classical yoga philosophy, Tantric teachings,  Ayurveda's understanding of nature and the five elements, as well as today’s understanding of anatomy and movement biomechanics. The method follows the traditional teaching of Vinyasa Krama, a system of progressions chosen to serve the gentle unfolding and integration of our body/mind, and expands from there. Learn teaching tools like proper alignment, creative yet intelligent method of sequencing, hands-on adjustments and assists, modifications and adaptations, pranayama, mantra, mudra, yoga nidra and learn how to use those tools to create safe, meaningful, mindful yoga practice. Our goal is to create a safe and open environment, offer clear instruction and help you every step of the way.


What can you expect

Intensive teacher training is, well, - intensive on all levels. Your body will get tired as well as your mind, you will get emotional. There will also be so many happy moments, moments of revelation and connection, AHA! moments. You will make forever friends. You will feel supported on every level and every step of the way and will always have space to speak your mind and heart.

Because of the intensity of training, we have created an online programme with the intention to prepare you for the training itself; there will be practice videos and alignment-based videos, lectures on anatomy and biomechanics, lectures, reading and essays on yoga history, philosophy and tradition, as well as Ayurveda, Yoga's sister science. Once we meet, you will feel much more confident in your body and will already have some basic knowledge.

The first week of training we will go into the fundamentals of Integral Vinyasa method as well as fundamentals of anatomy and biomechanics, asana alignment, basic adjustments and the art of sequencing. In the second part of the training, we will dive deeper into the subtle anatomy, learn about Ayurveda, the five Elements and about Elemental Vinyasa principles, or how to sequence according to the laws of mama Nature. You will not get a set sequence, but rather a set structure and many tools to confidently create your own sequences depending on your group and the environment.


1st module: online training (four weeks in September)

Online anatomy course
Yoga history and tradition
Introduction to Ayurveda
Introduction to subtle body anatomy
Practice videos
Reading and homework
Your online training journey will be supported with all the materials and with faculty members every step of the way.

2nd module: Fundamental teachings of Integral Vinyasa yoga

This module is dedicated to setting solid foundations and acquiring substantial knowledge on which we can build upon, like anatomy, physiology and biomechanics, or how to apply anatomy and biomechanics in yoga. We dive deep into learning about asana alignment and individual adaptation, how to avoid and work with common yoga injuries. We learn about safe adjustments, and unravel the method of Integral Vinyasa - from the principles and foundations to the sequencing of themed classes as well as beginners classes and dive into teaching methodology and take our first teaching steps.

Applied anatomy and biomechanics
Asana alignment and adaptation
Five principles of Integral Vinyasa
Five foundations of Integral Vinyasa
Progressive sequencing
Building a class with a theme
Beginners classes
Safe adjustments
Common injuries
Teaching methodology

3rd module: Integral Vinyasa - Elemental flow

In this module, we move from the physical in order to explore the deeper, more advanced level of yogic practice, teaching and sequencing. We will slowly start to move deeper into the subtle as well explore yoga through the teachings of Ayurveda, yoga's sister science. Apart from learning different Namaskars and Elemental sequences, we will learn how and when to use them taking into consideration the laws of Nature - from the time of the day to the moon phase, season, personal constitution, cycle etc. In this way, we focus on promoting balance and healing on and off the mat. In this part we cover more teaching methodology, teaching practice and ethics and business of teaching yoga.

Yoga and Ayurvedic principles - flowing with nature
Five Elements and their relationship with body / mind
Integral Vinyasa - Bhumi (Earth) flow
Integral Vinyasa - Agni (Fire) flow
Integral Vinyasa - Vayu (Air) flow
Integral Vinyasa - Jala (Water) flow
Teaching methodology continued
Teaching and assisting practicum
Ethics and business of teaching yoga


We require a minimum of one year continuous and dedicated yoga practice which, if necessary, your teacher or teachers can vouch for as well as your commitment to putting in the time and work for the online/distant learning module.
We know that each person is different, and believe no one better can decide if this programme is for you but - you. Having said this we would like to stress out that this is a rich and intensive programme, both for your body and your mind. Some time off will be scheduled, but it will depend on how fast we move on with the programme.
To get your diploma you will be required to attend all the hours, pass both written and teaching exam.


Perched atop of 30-metre sandstone cliffs, overlooking the powerful blue Atlantic, and a string of golden sand beaches, lies Ericeira, a fishing town in Lisbon district, about 35 kilometres northwest of Lisbon. The old village is charming and typically Portuguese with whitewashed houses, blue doors and window frames, tiles, chapels and narrow cobbled streets.
Once a peaceful coastal town, Ericeira and the surrounding coast has recently been recognised as the World surfing reserve, transforming it into a surfer's mecca, with over 30 surf spots with a diversity of waves for all levels.

Our venue, Olive3 yoga retreat centre, is conveniently nestled in the old village, within walking distance from the beaches, shops and restaurants, but tucked away enough to allow peace and quiet. You will find it almost hidden behind three olive trees (hence the name!) and Fonte do Cabo, an old fountain dating from 1457. which makes it one of the oldest fountains in Ericeira.

With simple but charming and comfortable rooms, big garden featuring a small pool, large communal kitchen and a beautiful, bright yoga shala, Olive 3 is a perfect place teacher training venue.


EB 2200 € / LB 2400 €
EB 2400 € / LB 2600 €
EB 2500 € / LB 2700 €
EB 2500 € / LB 2700 €
EB 1900 € / LB 2100 €


Triple dorm room:
Twin /Double room:
Single room:
Triple en suite studio:
Non-residential (tuition only):

All rooms except the studio share bathrooms. Prices are per person sharing.
500 € non refundable deposit to book your spot. Early bird prices* end June 1st (when full payment is due). Late bird full payment is due September 1st.

Price includes:

Tuition and all training materials
Bed and breakfast for 14 days*
Daily after practice smoothie or snack
One (goodbye) dinner

Within five-minute walking distance of Olive3 retreat, you can find the best restaurants Ericeira has to offer. Each serves at least one vegan and one vegetarian dish. We didn’t include lunch and dinner to the package so you can choose what you like daily and explore everything Ericeira has to offer. There is also a communal kitchen if you prefer cooking yourself.

“This experience as a whole was one of the best experiences of my life. Ericeira was the perfect place for a yoga teacher training as it was so nice to have a little town to venture into to get away from the hostel and where we spent the majority of our time. The restaurants, shops, and beaches were a really amazing addition to the teacher training itself. I really loved venturing out for supper with some others or having a quick swim in the ocean during the lunch break. The hostel was also a lovely place to stay and the family that owns it seem like really nice people. Celest and Nina were amazing, supportive, knowledgable teachers and I loved learning from them and growing over the three weeks. They are both so amazing at what they do and I loved that they both had different things to offer. I feel really grateful to have taken my yoga teacher training with them, not to mention to walk away with the vast array of skills I now have and can share with others with them being so different and having so many different perspectives and pieces of information to share. From Nina's easy to understand method to Celest's creative sequencing and anatomy knowledge, I feel like I have an edge moving forward as I begin to teach my own classes. I hope to learn from these two amazing people in the future!” - Kaitlyn Sears, Ericeira, Portugal Intensive 2018.