300-hour teacher training in Portugal
with Nina Vukas & guest teachers
September 28th - October 26th 2019.

This 200 and 300-hour teacher training in Portugal comes close to the 10th year anniversary of the Spanda Vinyasa Yoga School (formerly Sangha Om Yoga School) and of my transition from a yoga teacher to a teacher trainer. Experience is important for me, and I am grateful for mine as it taught me a lot - what works and what doesn't, the do's and don'ts; I learned from successes as well as from mistakes. Actually, more from mistakes come to think of it. But, what it taught me the most is to question everything. To check and recheck everything I teach. This is also the main thing I try to teach my students; to question, research and ultimately find their own truth, to find their own voice. I feel this training is the culmination of so much, and hope it will be a transformative journey, both personal and professional, for all sharing this experience.
I am also very excited to include a new 300-hour module called "Yoga, Somatic Awareness and Core Evolution" on this training, a module I have developed with my dear teacher Siegmar Gerken, a teacher and a human being I admire I so much and am so honoured to have the opportunity to teach alongside with in the final week of the 300-hour programme. Siegmar has been a leading authority and the pioneer in the field of Body-Oriented Mindfulness-Centred Therapy, Somatic, Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology, with expanded studies in psychodynamics and behavioural approaches for over four decades now and is an honour to have him on our faculty team. - Nina

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To best serve your time, investment and growth as a yoga teacher, we have developed a new format for our 300-hour teacher training intensive programme. The programme is divided in five different modules, including an online/distance learning module.

You are eligible for this programme if you have successfully finished your 200-hour programme with any Yoga Alliance certified school. After completing the programme you will be able to apply for RYT 500.

If you have done your 200-hours with Spanda Yoga School in Portugal or at another location or another time (Croatia, Italy, Sri Lanka and Portugal 200-hour students), and have already participated in the Integral Viyasa Fundamentals module as well as Elemental flow module, you are welcome to join us only for the Chakra flow module and Yoga and Somatic Awareness module (or just one of those two) to acquire additional hours of study.

Our intention is to give you the tools you need to be more confident in your teaching as well as deepen your knowledge of different yogic practices in order to prepare you to embark upon teaching masterclasses and workshops.

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What can you expect

If you are joining us for the full 300-hour immersion, you already know that teacher training, and especially intensives, are - intense. Body, mind and heart. But, we will be there with you every step of the way to hold space and to give you space to rest when you need to, ask questions, question us, share what's on your mind and heart.

First two weeks you will be joining our 200-hour group and learn about the fundamentals of Integral Vinyasa Yoga method and Elemental Vinyasa sequencing. Each TTC is different and, even though you will hear some things you already know, you will learn a whole lot more, primarily a new method of sequencing and teaching.

Next two weeks we dive deeper into the subtle anatomy with our Chakra Vinyasa module where more students will join in, mostly our students from other teacher training courses. Last week we go deep into the intricate connection between our body and mind, as well as our past and how it can structure our present.

At the end of the training, our goal is to teach you how to sequence your own classes, masterclasses and workshops with confidence based on knowledge and understanding of both the physical and subtle as well as the natural flow of mama Nature.

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Module 1: Online courses/Distance learning

Online advanced anatomy course
Yoga history and tradition - tantric roots of Hatha yoga
Introduction to Ayurveda + Yoga & Ayurveda
Practice videos
Reading and homework
Your online training journey will be supported with all the materials and with faculty members every step of the way.

2nd module: Fundamental teachings of Integral Vinyasa yoga
with Nina Vukas, Jasna Perin and guest teachers

This module is dedicated to setting solid foundations and acquiring substantial knowledge on which we can build upon, like anatomy, physiology and biomechanics, or how to apply anatomy and biomechanics in yoga. We dive deep into learning about asana alignment and individual adaptation, how to avoid and work with common yoga injuries. We learn about safe adjustments, and unravel the method of Integral Vinyasa - from the principles and foundations to the sequencing of themed classes as well as beginners classes and dive into teaching methodology and take our first teaching steps.

Applied anatomy and biomechanics
Asana alignment and adaptation
Five principles of Integral Vinyasa
Five foundations of Integral Vinyasa
Progressive sequencing
Building a class with a theme
Beginners classes
Safe adjustments
Common injuries
Teaching methodology

3rd module: Integral Vinyasa - Elemental flow
with Nina Vukas, Jasna Perin and guest teachers

In this module, we move from the physical in order to explore the deeper, more advanced level of yogic practice, teaching and sequencing. We will slowly start to move deeper into the subtle as well explore yoga through the teachings of Ayurveda, yoga's sister science. Apart from learning different Namaskars and Elemental sequences, we will learn how and when to use them taking into consideration the laws of Nature - from the time of the day to the moon phase, season, personal constitution, cycle etc. In this way, we focus on promoting balance and healing on and off the mat. In this part we cover more teaching methodology, teaching practice and ethics and business of teaching yoga.

Yoga and Ayurvedic principles - flowing with nature
Five Elements and their relationship with body / mind
Integral Vinyasa - Bhumi (Earth) flow
Integral Vinyasa - Agni (Fire) flow
Integral Vinyasa - Vayu (Air) flow
Integral Vinyasa - Jala (Water) flow
Teaching methodology continued
Teaching and assisting practicum
Ethics and business of teaching yoga

4th module: Integral Vinyasa - Chakra flow (12.10 - 19.10.)
with Nina Vukas and guest teachers

With Chakra flow we dive deeper into the subtle, but with the intention of demystifying chakra system as something esoteric, and rather use them as a map to understanding different qualities of ourselves and our students observing how these qualities resonate and behave in our body/mind. In this module Nina brings into the teaching much of somatic psychology, opening the doors of understanding for the next modul.
On a more practical level, this is a module where you will learn how to prep and sequence more advanced asanas as well as other advanced yogic techniques like pranayama and different meditation techniques. As this is a part of a 300-hour teacher training, you will learn how to, with an in depth understanding of the body, mind and the subtle energies, sequence a masterclass or a themed workshop around an advanced asana, pranayama, mantra singing, meditation or all of the above. 

Subtle body anatomy in detail
Chakras and the body / mind
Integral Vinyasa - Muladhara flow
Integral Vinyasa - Svadhisthana flow
Integral Vinyasa - Manipura flow
Integral Vinyasa - Anahata flow
Integral Vinyasa - higher chakra exploration

5th Module - Yoga, Somatic Awareness and Core Evolution - An Inquiry into Being
(19.10. -25.10.)
with Siegmar Gerken and Nina Vukas

All our life experiences take part in structuring and shaping our Body-Mind Field. Especially painful or traumatic situations, that could not be resolved, still reside deep in our system. As a Yoga practitioner you most likely have experienced a sudden release of emotions during or after Yoga practice - this can range from sadness and tears coming ‘out of nowhere”, to agitation, anxiety, anger, fear or regression into sensitive early developmental moments.

This can happen with many more body-mind stimulating practices, because some protection patterns are challenged, or with advanced Asana practices, overheating the body-mind with a fast paced practice, intensive Pranayama, some visualization and meditation practices, etc.. In Yoga we often see this as an involuntary release, which can be to an extend beneficial for some, however, for others it can lead to a physical and emotional imbalance or dis-regulation. This is why some yogic practices are called advanced and were traditionally only taught by an experienced teacher individually to a student.

Yoga teachers are often not trained in psychotherapy, but with some basic knowledge of Somatic Awareness and Core Evolution you can notice certain patters in your own Body-Mind Field and later also in your student’s. 


Nina and Siegmar will teach in both ways:
Nina will teach different Yoga sequences and techniques and, as we see, what may emerge on the personal level - and different to normal sessions, we will give room to process and integrate this emerging material, leading to a conscious way to resolve stress and promote Auto- and Self-Regulation.
In the practice of Somatic Awareness and Core Evolution with Siegmar, you will learn about specific protective reaction patterns and how they may get triggered in your life. These patterns are specific coping mechanisms that you chose to meet difficult life situations. They may range from energetic withdrawal to overcompensation. To protect your vulnerable essence it was important to develop them, however, these trigger-reaction patterns may not be adequate anymore for who you really are today.


In this Yoga-Training unit you learn to choose practices that enable you to stay connected and to enjoy and share your presence and expression of life in you, which will promote healing and self-regulation.

*This module can be attended by yoga teachers of any lineage who would like to learn more about the application of Somatic Awareness in Yoga as well as Body - orientated psychotherapists who would like to learn yogic techniques designed to further help their clients.

(This Yoga-Training unit also counts as the Introduction to the Professional Core Evolution Training which will begin in Fall 2019 in  Germany, Croatia and Portugal. For more information please inquire: 


Siegmar Gerken, PhD, ECP, HP (Psychotherapy) studied psychology, education and anthropology. He is on the faculty of the JFK University Somatic Psychology Department, the Esalen Institute, and the Behavioral Therapy Training Institute in Hamburg. He teaches at universities and and private in- stitutes worldwide, on the interconnectedness of psychosomatic processes as they manifest on the levels of body, emotions, mind, will and conscious- ness. His research in energy field documentation with Prof. F. Popp on psycho-emotional states opened new horizons to scientists and practitioners. He is co-founder of the Scientific Committee of the EABP. Dr. Gerken is a lecturer, therapist, trainer and supervisor.


Perched atop of 30-metre sandstone cliffs, overlooking the powerful blue Atlantic, and a string of golden sand beaches, lies Ericeira, a fishing town in Lisbon district, about 35 kilometres northwest of Lisbon. The old village is charming and typically Portuguese with whitewashed houses, blue doors and window frames, tiles, chapels and narrow cobbled streets.
Once a peaceful coastal town, Ericeira and the surrounding coast has recently been recognised as the World surfing reserve, transforming it into a surfer's mecca, with over 30 surf spots with a diversity of waves for all levels.

Our venue, Olive3 yoga retreat centre, is conveniently nestled in the old village, within walking distance from the beaches, shops and restaurants, but tucked away enough to allow peace and quiet. You will find it almost hidden behind three olive trees (hence the name!) and Fonte do Cabo, an old fountain dating from 1457. which makes it one of the oldest fountains in Ericeira.

With simple but charming and comfortable rooms, big garden featuring a small pool, large communal kitchen and a beautiful, bright yoga shala, Olive 3 is a perfect place teacher training venue.



Package 1 - full 300 hour TTC
(residential or non-residential)

Residential includes:
two week online teacher training with all materials
28 days tuition (260 hours) + 28 days bed and breakfast at Olive3
daily after practice snack / smoothie
manual and materials + full 300 h certificate after successful completion

Non-residential includes all of the above except for bed and breakfast

Package 2 - Chakra flow and Yoga and Somatic Awareness module
(residential or non-residential)

Residential includes:
14 days of advanced training (over 100 hours)
Bed and breakfast at Olive3
daily after practice snack / smoothie
manual and materials

Non-residential includes all of the above except for bed and breakfast

Package 3 - only Chakra flow OR only Yoga and Somatic Awareness module
(residential or non-residential)

Residential includes:
7 days of advanced training (over 50 hours)
Bed and breakfast at Olive3
daily after practice snack / smoothie
manual and materials

Non-residential includes all of the above except for bed and breakfast



Package 1 - full programme - online training + 28 days TTC in Ericeira)

EB 3200 € / LB 3400 €
EB 3400 € / LB 3600 €
EB 3500 € / LB 3700 €
EB 3500 € / LB 3700 €
EB 2900 € / LB 3100 €

triple dorm room
twin room
single room
triple shared en suite studio

Package 2 - online training + 14 days TTC in Ericeira (4th and 5th module)

EB 2200 € / LB 2400 €
EB 2400 € / LB 2600 €
EB 2500 € / LB 2700 €
EB 2500 € / LB 2700 €
EB 1900 € / LB 2100 €

triple dorm room
twin room
single room
triple shared en suite studio

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Package 3 - Chakra Vinyasa OR Yoga and Somatic Awareness (1 week in Ericeira)

EB 1100 € / LB 1400 €
EB 1400 € / LB 1600 €
EB 1500 € / LB 1700 €
EB 1500 € / LB 1700 €
EB 1000 € / LB 1100 €

triple dorm room
twin room
single room
triple shared en suite studio

All rooms except the studio share bathrooms. Prices are per person sharing.
500 € non refundable deposit to book your spot.
200 € non-refundable deposit if you are only coming to Yoga, Somatic Awareness and Core Evolution module.
Early bird prices* end June 1st (when full payment is due). Late bird full payment is due September 1st.

“My time with Spanda Vinyasa school is a time I will cherish forever. The content that was put together with such a wealth of knowledge and love, our instructors that gave their all in every single session, my peers who became each others support that felt more like family - everything was thoughtfully curated and created an experience that allowed me to maximize my time and learning. All that I gained at Spanda school has allowed me to propel myself into the next chapter of my life, both personally and professionally. I'm beyond grateful for my TTC and felt like I was exactly where I needed to be. Thank you!” - Kristen Cooper, Ericeira Portugal 2018.