Spanda Vinyasa - Art of healing trough science of Yoga

Yoga is a healing practice, a medicine. But, like any other medicine, it is important to know how to take the right kind and the right dose. Otherwise, the way we use this medicine can, instead of balancing, throw us out of balance. 
This workshop will explore different we can, as yoga practicioners and yoga teachers alike, understand how our physical body works, how it interconnects with the subtle, recognize our patterns on and off the mat and finetune our practice so it becomes, first and foremost - a healing practice. 
Every class will start with the exploration and explanation of the subject, so that we can move into the practice with better understanding. Asana practice will move from gentle to more deep or strong to restorative. Modifications will be given for all asanas that are considered more advanced in terms of physical ability. 
All levels are welcome. 

Classes description: 

Friday PM class
Build a foundation – finding stability
Class will be an exploration of our base - our legs and pelvis. We will look at the anatomy and biomechanics, as well as the subtle anatomy of this part of our body. Main focus is understanding the alignment of certain (commonly misaligned) basic standing asanas so that we can work from that base up; with intention on growing deep roots that provide stability and balance. 

Saturday AM class
Connect to the core – embodying strength
We will be exploring our deep core, both on physical and subtle levels. Strong core is very important for our physical body; it protects our lower back, and gives us physical strength. Strong emotional core is what gives us freedom, willpower, and ability to live our truth. This will be a class of deep core work, creating power and strength through, at times, more challenging vinyasa sequences, asanas and breathwork.

Saturday PM class
Connect to the core – embodying softness
Exploring different, more gentle way of connecting to the core; through softness and relaxation. We hold a lot of tension in this area, and the tension often comes from control and fear of surrender. This is a more restorative practice digging deep into the subtle, building a strong emotional core through practice of softness and letting go. 

Sunday AM class
Radiate LOVE – open to give
On a physical level we will be exploring the very complex anatomy and biomechanics of our spine. On a more subtle level we will be working on opening the emotional center of our heart chakra so we can give without fear and resonate in a higher frequency of love, joy and compassion. We will move into dynamic sequences with deeper spinal extensions (backbends) and pranayama in order to clear all the physical, mental and emotional debris we might find there. 

Sunday PM class
Radiate LOVE – open to receive
This will be a more restorative class working on passive openings of the heart, learning to surrender and open to receive. When it comes to emotions of love, joy and compassion most of us are more open to give than to receive. This class will explore ways we can open the channel in both directions. Only when both pathways are open can we fully understand, radiate and live in - love. 

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