My beautiful Moscow yoginis and yogis, I am so happy announce my workshop in YogaDom again this year. I will be teaching five classes all together, one on Friday evening, two on Saturday and two on Sunday. 

Awakening the Subtle 

This workshop is a journey and an exploration of the subtle body and it's energy centers - the chakras. We will refer to Tantric subtle body and chakra system, an interesting and fascinating map of our mental and emotional power. We will be using different pranayama techniques, mudras, mantras, Namaskars and thoughtfully sequenced asanas with the intention to awaken the power that lies within. 

All classes are masterclasses - the sequences will be quite advanced and challenging, however, modifications and variations will be given for more challenging asanas and sequences, so everybody's welcome! Some classes will be sequenced trough a Mandala Vinyasa - promoting a very potent circular movement. 

Friday PM class
Awakening the tribal power
Our root chakra grounds us, connects us with the Earth and promotes the feeling of stability and safety. It is connected with our Tribal power, our tradition, values and group willpower. The sacred Truth of this chakra is that everything is connected - all is one. Trough the understanding of this sacred, profound truth we can feel safe, strong and empowered. 
We will flow trough powerful yet grounding sequence combining supine, restorative and grounding asana with challenging variations of Vishvamittrasana and Vashistasana. 
Please wear something RED!

Saturday AM class
Joy of surrender 
Second chakra is a sacred center of our sensuality, sexuality, creativity, spontaneity and our partnerships. Unbalances in this chakra originate from the fear of losing control, something many of us are dealing with in the world today. The intention of the class will be to let go of control, surrender, create and enjoy the ride:). 
This will be a very fluid, spontaneous and creative class sequenced trough different variations of Mandala Vinyasa. Galavasana and Parivrtta Galavasana will be peak asanas in this flow. 
Please wear something ORANGE. 

Saturday PM class
Unlocking the inner power 
Third chakra is the centre of our personal power. The centre of our self-esteem, self-discipline, ambition, strength of character. Low Prana flow in this chakra leads to self doubt, fear of life and loss of personal power. 
This will be a very challenging class using challenging sequences, different inversions, mudras, mantras and breathing techniques to let go of fear and all that is holding us back and claim back our inner power. 
Please wear something YELLOW. 

Sunday AM class
The path of love and compassion
Anahata, center of our emotional life, of our capacity to give and accept love, to be gentle and compassionate. The most powerful energy and drive we have is love. It's sacred Truth is - Love is divine power. 
This will be a beautiful, soulful Mandala Vinyasa class featuring beautiful mantras, mudras and deep heart opening asanas like Natarajasana, Eka Pada Raja Kapotasana and Kapotasana. 
Please wear something GREEN. 

Sunday PM class
The essence of Faith and a quest for Truth
This class is an exploration of our fifth and sixth chakra. The power of fifth chakra lies in our faith and trust in life. This is the chakra of self-knowledge and self-expression. Sixth chakra is the centre of our intuition, higher consciousness and our quest for sacred Truth.
We will use asana sequences to lift Prana to higher energy centres, as well as powerful mantras and mudras. This class will finish with a longer meditation - the door to higher consciousness. 
Please wear something BLUE and/or PURPLE. 

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