"Spanda is the pulsation of the ecstasy of the divine consciousness" - Abinahavagupta

Spanda is a key concept of the Kashmir Śaivism according to which the entire universe is nothing but conscious energy; everything in the universe is consciousness expressed in different forms. It can be translated as a vibration or movement, a subtle creative pulse of the universe, the dynamics of consciousness. 

The school 

All of our programmes are based on the Integral Vinyasa yoga method created by school's founder Nina Vukas (E-RYT 500, RPYT) as well as enriched by the knowledge of our faculty staff; senior yoga teachers, ayurvedic practitioners, anatomy specialists, physical therapists, Thai yoga massage therapists, body-oriented psychotherapists etc.

The Integral Vinyasa method is deeply rooted in classical yoga philosophy, tantric and Hatha yoga teachings as well as very much based on an understanding of human anatomy and physiology. The method uses the traditional understanding of Vinyasa Krama or a system of progressions, and modern understanding of biomechanics to create practices and sequences with respect to the individual, of nature's cycles and supporting the gentle unfolding of our body/mind. For us, Vinyasa yoga is not, as often described, sequences of flowing yoga asanas, it is an art of flowing with the pulse of nature and life, on an off the mat.

The school was formerly known as Sangha yoga school as it was based in our founder's home studio in Zagreb, but it has since become an internationally recognised yoga school. Nina collaborates with teachers and yoga centres around the world offering this comprehensive Vinyasa method globally.