This 200 and 300-hour teacher training in Portugal comes close to the 10th year anniversary of the Spanda Vinyasa Yoga School (formerly Sangha Om Yoga School) and of my transition from a yoga teacher to a teacher trainer. Experience is important for me, and I am grateful for mine as it taught me a lot - what works and what doesn't, the do's and don'ts; I learned from successes as well as from mistakes. Actually, more from mistakes come to think of it. But, what it taught me the most is to question everything. To check and recheck everything I teach. This is also the main thing I try to teach my students; to question, research and ultimately find their own truth, to find their own voice. I feel this training is the culmination of so much, and hope it will be a transformative journey, both personal and professional, for all sharing this experience.
I am also very excited to include a new 300-hour module called "Yoga, Somatic Awareness and Core Evolution" on this training, a module I have developed with my dear teacher Siegmar Gerken, a teacher and a human being I admire I so much and am so honoured to have the opportunity to teach alongside with in the final week of the 300-hour programme. Siegmar has been a leading authority and the pioneer in the field of Body-Oriented Mindfulness-Centred Therapy, Somatic, Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology, with expanded studies in psychodynamics and behavioural approaches for over four decades now and is an honour to have him on our faculty team. - Nina