10 month yoga teacher training in Integral Vinyasa yoga
with Nina Vukas & Belinda Sutan
 Milano, Italy

*** new TTC starts in November 2018. ***


I am happy to announce this 200/300 hour Vinyasa yoga teacher training in collaboration with dear friend and colleague, yoga teacher with over 15 years of teaching experience, Belinda Sutan and beautiful IN EX centre in central Milan, Italy where the TT will be held. 

200 hour teacher training is 10 month programme based on 12 weekend intensives conducted every 3-4 weeks leaving sufficient time in between for practice and study of the new material. Every weekend intensive consists of 15 hours (9:30 am - 6 pm) of practice and lectures. 12th, additional weekend is saved for the final exam. Programme is scheduled to start in October 2017. and finish in June/July 2018. In order to apply to the programme we require all students to have at least a year of committed asana practice. 

300 hour teacher training is for those who already hold a 200 hour diploma in another yoga system and would like to learn Vinyasa yoga system as well as how to safely teach to special groups (Prenatal, Senior yoga, Wall yoga), you can join us for the 200 hour programme to which we will add additional 100 hours of Vinyasa studies. These will include Mandala Vinyasa module and Chakra flow module as well as elect guest workshops you may attend.

We expect a mixed group of students, and, even though all our teacher trainees will be supported in learning how to teach a class in their mother tongue, we believe it will be beneficial for all learning to teach classes in English language. Together with an internationally recognised YA diploma, this will create more opportunities for new teachers to teach classes worldwide. 

To ensure the quality and individual approach, the maximum number of students is 14. 


hridaya mudra

integral vinyasa yoga


Integral Vinyasa yoga method is the foundation of this teacher training. The method is based upon the ancient yoga philosophy, traditional tantric and Hatha yoga teachings as well as the modern knowledge of anatomy and movement biomechanics. It follows traditional understanding of Vinyasa Krama, a system of progressions chosen to serve the gentle unfolding and integration of our body / mind, and expands from there. 

Different sequences support different cycles in the life of each individual as well as nature's cycles. Each yoga practice should reinforce the balanced state of our body/mind considering the time of day, the season, moon phase, our own personal cycles, moods, energy levels and possible imbalances. Integral Vinyasa yoga method takes all this into consideration to promote balance, healing and integration. 

Every practice includes different tools from the boundless yoga knowledge and, in addition to carefully chosen Namaskars and asana sequences, students will learn how to include pranayama, mudra, mantra and yoga philosophy in every class supporting the intention behind the practice. 

Integral Vinyasa method as well as this programme is a result of Nina's two decades of yoga studies, her continuous study and interest in anatomy and biomechanics of movement as well as Nina's study of body oriented psychotherapy which uses understanding and recognising of body posture and patterns to tap into the mind and the unconscious. 

wall yoga parivritta trikonasana
prenatal yoga
yoga props teacher training


This is a Vinyasa yoga teacher training and our goal is to ensure that, after certification, each of our students can teach various Integral Vinyasa classes, from dynamic sequences for intermediate / advanced students, to safe sequences for beginners. We will start with one basic Integral Vinyasa flow class sequence and build upon it. At the end of the teacher training students will be able to teach different flow sequences depending on the group and the intention of the practice. 
In addition to Vinyasa sequences, students will also learn a wall yoga sequence, a chair yoga sequence for senior students or those with health challenges, as well as how to teach a safe Prenatal yoga class. 

Full programme includes: 

Yoga history and tradition
Yoga philosophy
Yoga anatomy and physiology
Biomechanics of yoga asana
Subtle body anatomy
Pranayama, kriya
Mantra, Mudra
Integral Vinyasa yoga sequencing
Wall yoga sequence
Chair  yoga sequence
Restorative yoga sequence
Prenatal yoga sequence
Safe adjustments
+ additional modules for 300 hour trainees (Chakra flow, Mandala Vinyasa...)


NIna Vukas (full bio)
Integral Vinyasa yoga, asana biomechanics, kriya & pranayama, yoga history and tradition, subtle anatomy, Prenatal yoga sequence
Teaching in English

Belinda Sutan
Wall yoga sequence, chair yoga sequence, safe adjustments, asana modifications and adaptations, Restorative yoga
Teaching in Italian

Belinda si e formata presso il Centro Studi Bhadra' seguendo il metodo della federazione francese di hatha yoga per poi in seguito diplomarsi all'istituto yoga diretto e fondato dal Maestro Carlo Patrian. Dopo anni di studio sul metodo BKS IYENGAR decide di seguire la formazione insegnanti approfondendo i suoi studi presso il centro di Dehradun (India) diretto dal Maestro Chanchanni. Negli ultimi anni ha continuato la sua ricerca sperimentando vari metodi e seguendo scuole europee e americane fondendo così nel suo insegnamento vari stili.

Mauro Castellini
Anatomy and biomechanics
Teaching in Italian


vinyasa yoga class


200 hour programme tuition can be paid in full, in three instalments or in 12 instalments. 
We offer a discount on full tuition early bird payments as well as discount on full tuition payments after the early bird date. 

yoga class dhanurasana

Full tuition fee with early bird discount: 2400 euro *
Full tuition fee with discount: 2600 euro
Tuition in three instalments: 2700 euro (3 x 900) **
Tuition in 12 instalments: 2760 (12 x 230)  ***

tuition cost breakdown: 15 euro per hour x 180 hours = an average fee of 2700 euro

*  early bird - full tuition paid by June 25th 2017.
**payment due on 1st weekend, 4th weekend, and 8th weekend
due every TT weekend

200 euro non-refundable deposit to reserve your place. This amount is deductible from the full payment or from the LAST instalment (for those paying in three instalments or monthly).

Tuition fee includes: 

12 weekend intensives
Integral Vinyasa manual (in English) 
Yoga anatomy book
USB stick with additional materials (flow videos, articles, books) 

yoga wall.jpg

300 hour programme students will pay the 200 hour tuition first and will be notified in time about the cost of additional 100 hour studies. 
The additional 100 hour tuition should be no more than 1400 euro in total (15 euro per hour) with our faculty staff, and are paid per workshop/ module attended. 

please email us if you have any additional questions:
Nina: ninasvukas@yahoo.co.uk
Belinda: belinda.sutan@gmail.com

To apply for the programme please fill out this APPLICATION FORM

training calendar for 2017./18.

7th weekend intensive: 24./25.02.2018.
8th weekend intensive: 17./18.03.2018.
9th weekend intensive: 07./08.04.2018.
10th weekend intensive: 28./29.04.2018. 
11th weekend intensive: 12./13.05.2018.
12th weekend intensive: 02./03.06.2018.

1st weekend intensive:  30.9./1.10.2017.
2nd weekend intensive: 21./22.10.2017.
3rd weekend intensive: 11./12/11.2017.
4th weekend intensive: 02./03.12.2017.
5th weekend intensive: 13./14/01.2018.
6th weekend intensive: 03./04.02.2018.