While somewhere, in lands far away, people and their governments  are giving equal rights to two people in love, in my little country people are stopping you on the street and knocking on doors asking you to sign a petition for, what they call, ‘a referendum on sanctity of marriage’. There are so many young people standing on those city stands of intolerance, knocking on those doors and joining facebook group called ‘In the name of the family’. Ofcourse, there is also a group ‘In the name of every family’, but with less members. Wow!?

Intolerance doesn’t surprise me, we just have to look around us and it’s everywhere. We live in the world where racism, nationalism, religious intolerance and hatred to anything that is different, is still so much alive. Those young people surprise me. That young girl, in her early twenties that approached me today, petted my dog, and then asked if I would sign the petition. For a second I wasn’t sure I understood what she was asking. She looked normal, she likes dogs. I don’t know what I was expecting, probably one of those particular looking men and women that I see passing through the main square any time when there’s a rally against anything that has to do with tolerance, peace and love. They usually don't like dogs:). So, she caught me by surprise. I told her I won’t sign as I believe we are all the same, and should therefore have the same rights, but I also asked her why she’s here. She told me ‘‘I’m here to help build a better future, for myself and for future generations’’. Good answer I said, but tell me how do equal rights for all human beings walking this Earth prevent you from having a better future? Then she said she has to go and walked away.

When I came home I went on their facebook page. So many young  faces, all look pretty normal, and they all seem to be literate. So, I’m sitting here in my home, looking at those smiling faces saying things like ‘’ I volunteer because we have a responsibility to the Truth (Ana,22)’’. ‘’ Only by saving marriage can we save this society from failing (Rebeka, 18)’’ etc. , and I’m asking myself how is it possible that there are so many human beings out there still believing that sanctity is a term reserved only for the chosen ones. That being different means being bad, being spoiled, being wrong.

When I see how young people think it makes me fearful of our future. I would like to believe that there is a brighter tomorrow, that we, as a society are moving towards being civilised human beings (let’s be honest, we are far from being civilised), respectful and loving to each other, respectful and loving to all other beings, respectful and loving to Mother Earth, to all colors, religions, choices. That there will be freedom for all. Freedom of choice. Freedom to choose who we love and who we marry. But, that facebook page on my computer screen makes me think otherwise.

I love this quote by Johnny Deep: ‘’There are four questions of value in life. What is Sacred? Of what is the spirit made? What is worth living for, and what is worth dying for? The answer to each is the same. Only Love.''
And we don’t chose who we love by weather they are the opposite sex, the same age, the same color, the same upbringing, the same religion, same nationality. Our hearts don’t understand those differences. Our minds do. The society does.

Be thankful if the person your heart chose is right by society standards, by your parent’s standards (and we all know that’s a tuff one!), your friends… But, don’t judge the choice of someone else’s heart. And remember one Truth - we are all equal in the eyes of God.