One of my facebook friends had posted on their wall:  ‘’21.12.2012. will be the most annoying day in facebook history’‘. Funny. And probably true.
It started months ago and it’s just about to reach its peak. The annoying posts about the end of the world, or the end of the world as we know it, the rise of a new era, new consciences, you name it. I even saw a facebook ad for end of the world sale in a local clothing shop.

Out of all predictions I have heard and read in the past year the one that triggered writing this post, even though I promised myself I won’t write or post or ‘like’, or even log in on Friday, was a clip I saw yesterday on YouTube. Of course, shared on facebook by one of my friends. It is called ‘’21 December 2012. – new message from the Star nations’’. So you see why I just had to watch it even though it meant being a bit late for my morning class.

An Australian lady called Judy Satori, who communicates with Star nations and speaks the language of light and sound, believes, or rather was told by Star nations, that the new Era is coming as the Earth and us Earthlings, are coming of age. Which I guess means we are ready to evolve? The beings from other planets have decided it is the right time to visit us and help us make this transition to the New Life on the New Earth. Our DNA will change and we will all become more consciences beings, we will know and see the Truth. Our brothers and sisters from the Star nations will help us see. Of course, there were retreats led by Judy that would prepare us for the New Life as well, but I guess we missed it. Shame. (She has a website that you can check out. I love the part where after Introduction; the next menu item is PAYMENT. Says a lot, doesn’t it? )
All in all, a lovely story, full of optimism. I am adding a link at the end of this post so you can watch it too and perhaps learn how to behave (there are a few tips) when beings from outer space come to visit. I just wonder what will Judy do for living if they don’t.

Yes, I’m being sarcastic. But not because I don’t believe in life on other planets. It is silly (I’m being gentle) to think that there’s life only on Earth. There is life on other planets, different beings out there. I also believe that some of those beings are much more advanced and intelligent than us. I believe there are people that can communicate in different ways with different beings. I believe in many things. I know we know so little so I don’t rely on intellect and proofs. I don’t however believe in things that don’t make much sense to me. But, having said that, what we believe in is our personal matter and not something to be judged or analyzed. So, I don’t judge those who believe this or that will happen on Friday. And I don’t judge Mrs. Judy.

So, what was the trigger? What was that thing that I found annoying after seeing the clip? Well, it actually had nothing much to do with the story. I wish all of it was true. What I find annoying in all of this beginning of the new Era bs is the fact that we pretend we, intelligent human beings, don’t know the right from wrong. We pretend we don’t understand how we are supposed to live and act and that there has to be a global change, a significant date, aliens coming to visit or something else special has to happen for us to see, understand, change.

The truth is we don’t need someone to show us the way. We know the way. The problem is we choose to ignore it. We all know the right from wrong, and if we always chose the right thing to do, say or think, we would live in an entirely different world.
There would be no wars, famine, global warming, and violence. There wouldn’t be selfishness and people with millions and billions just for themselves while so many starve. There wouldn’t be companies that make profit out of poisoning people. We wouldn’t destroy the nature as we do. We wouldn’t lie and cheat and think we are so important.

We all know. This knowledge is inside us, we don’t need a DNA change to see. We just need to change our ways of acting, saying and thinking. Will that happen on Friday? Will we all finally see and start to make good choices? Call me a sceptic if you wish, but I think this Friday will be just another day. Shorter work day after which so many of us will drive away in our new car that we bought on credit and can’t really afford into a shopping mall garage and go Christmas shopping for things we don’t need with money we don’t have. We will buy yet another sweater (on doomsday sale!), similar to the one we already bought last week. It will make us happy for a few minutes. We’ll walk pass a beggar completely ignoring him (because there is so many of them!) on our way to that Xmas work thing and probably eat and drink too much. Maybe flirt with a co-worker. Flirting isn’t exactly cheating after all.
Of course, there are  those ‘’more advanced humans’’ that  will cycle home after work, pass by the same beggar giving him a coin, go home and close the doors to the world, make Xmas presents out of recyclable materials, drink ginger lemon tea, and probably judge those that went shopping in H&M, parked in Cvjetni garage, went out, drank and flirted.

I can say I am not optimistic at all. Are we ready to let go of all that clouds our judgement? Let go of false Ego, of all unnecessary possessions? Are we ready to be truthful, to be good? To help others that are less fortunate than us? To stop thinking everything revolves around us? To love and preserve Earth and nature and not destroy it? Are we ready not to be sheep influenced by TV ads, glossy magazines, and latest fashion must haves? Are we ready to stop being scared by big corporations, politics and politicians and demand our rights? Understand that they work for us and not the other way around. That they are not Gods, heroes or superstars, but clerks working for the people?

Even the more enlightened beings I know are nowhere close to ready. Am I? Are you? Are we ready to change ourselves first and perhaps influence those around us? As I said… not optimistic at all… Actually, come to think of it, the only way I see things changing is if Ms Judy Satori is right. Now I hope there is a Star council and that they are, right this minute, enjoying a cup of tea, healthy snack and a deep conversation on their long journey to Earth.