''Život nema reprizu'' (life has no reruns). This saying came up in a conversation I had with my girlfriends a few days ago while talking about life over a drink and a partizanka (shared cigarette). And, I kept thinking about it all day yesterday. I repeated it in my head like a mantra. I realized that it gave me courage to stick to some choices I made recently and to do so with no fear. My heart knows it was the right choice. My mind tends to wonder…
Then, later in the day those words rang even more true as I watched the news. Amy Winehouse, one of my favourite artists, died. Only 27 years old. I feel sad for her and the life she could have had, for her family, and for all the songs unwritten and unsung. Yes, life has no rerun.

Heart over mind

We live our lives with choices we make and hope for the best. The good thing is that most of us have the freedom to make a choice while there are so many people in the world that don’t have that luxury. But, when on a life’s crossroads, we tend to make a rational choice that often takes us away from what we really are, what we need and what can make us happy. We make choices based on our minds decisions and not our heart’s desire. That, I believe, takes us further away from our true Self.  Mind is logical and fears the unknown. It makes the choices based on what is a more rational and safe thing to do. Or based on what somebody else wants us to do, or what society tells us is the right way to live our lives. When at the crossroads, the mind likes to take the more familiar road, the one that most people take, and the one that's on a map. Mind will make a list of pros and cons, take many outside factors into consideration – often not considering our heart’s desire.
Heart will desire to take a risk, it will want to explore, take us to an adventure. It will take that chance for growth, for new love, for new experience. Heart will usually take the unconventional way.
I believe we should follow our hearts and the reason is simple; there is no map, no formula for fullfilment, happiness, joy. We each need to find our own path, and to get there we need to ask our intuition, our Self. And our Self lives within our heart.

A leap of faith

We are all familiar with sayings like cease the day or live every day as if it was your last, and most of us think that this is how we live our lives. But, do we really? Are we really the free spirits we think we are? When was the last time you took a leap of faith? It has been a while for me… And I do miss that feeling of the unknown, of a new adventure, that fresh smell of a new beginning.
I don’t fear the new beginning, I fear that I will wake up one day and realize I didn’t take the chance to be happy, to do what makes me joyful, to be me. That I missed a chance to live my life to the fullest.  There will be no reruns…