A friend told me yesterday: If you’re not blogging at least ones a week, it is like you’re not blogging at all. Really? Who has the time for that, I thought. The overachiever in me (a nickname somebody gave me recently and yes, I wear it with pride even though it is so uncool:), decided to write something today. I have a million things to do before tomorrow when we are celebrating 5 years of our beautiful yoga studio, and before I fly out to LA this weekend to assist my dear teacher Shiva Rea (yay!) at the teacher training immersion. But, what’s one more thing to do. I’m at home with the flu anyways..:)

It’s not like I had nothing to write about this past couple of months. It has been a very interesting summer. Yes, there were some detachments to make, hard steps to take, but there were some great moments too. In my last blog post I wrote about following your heart and intuition and taking a leap of faith. I can say now that I did, and it did work out for the best. Sometimes we need to let go, even when it feels like we are losing a part of ourselves.

If you follow your heart and your intuition, the universe (or the supreme intelligence) will help you. There will be people, situations, words, teachers that cross your path, helping you to deal with the grief and all the maybes. You just need to recognize them. See them, hear them. And they showed up for me in all shapes and forms this summer. There was one that came in a very cute, furry form. Her name is Seeta. My dog:). I found her on an island while on vacation and her pure energy and unconditional love inspired me, helped me and thought me a lot.

But, the most valuable lesson I have learned is that the love I thought I lost is still here, just in a different form. When you truly love someone, and for the right reasons that love cannot be lost. It can only evolve, take a different form, change like everything else does. And now I embrace that change.
So, I thank the Universe for my angels – all the old and new friends, for furry friends, family, my students, my teachers, old and new loves. At the end of the day, they are what matters the most in life.