Another year is coming to an end, a perfect time to look back, reflect and set new intentions and hopes for the future. It has been an interesting year for me, a roller coaster ride of highs and lows, laughter and tears, moving and being still. 
Looking back I can say that ‘making space’ or clearing out clutter was a big part of this year, maybe even a main theme. I have moved my yoga studio to a different location as well as moved back to my apartment this year. Moving tends to invite much change and encourage clearing out all which we no longer need and which is not serving our growth. Sometimes change is like a breath of fresh air, sometimes it’s hard, but it is always a good teacher - if we are willing to learn.

It was a year of extensive travel, discovering new places and seeing old ones with new eyes, a year of meeting new people, new yoga communities, teaching in new cities and countries, of connecting and reconnecting. A year where I got to spend much quality time with my family, old friends that are like family and new friends that are becoming family. This is perhaps the blessing I am most grateful for this year - people in my life. 

What I hope and wish for myself in the year ahead is that I forgive and let go of all painful past events and be grateful but not attached to beautiful ones so I can detach and live fully in the present; enjoy every moment, embrace every opportunity, appreciate every breath, be grateful for every blessing. To hope for the future but not plan for the future, to wish but not expect, dream big but be content with every outcome. And last but not least to live my truth and have courage to follow my heart, where ever it may lead. 

And for all you beautiful souls out there, I wish you the happiest New Year; may it be filled with love, joy and abundance. Life is a precious gift and my New Year’s hope for all of us is that we all live by this truth every day for the rest of our days. May we all reside in our true and beautiful Self, may we love and respect one another and help those that need our help. May we all know the truth, speak the truth and live our truth. May we all follow our beautiful and wise hearts. 

May all beings be happy and may our words and actions contribute to the happiness and freedom for all.

Lokah Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu