To all of my strong women out there and to the men who are strong enough to love and cherish them. I found this post on fb page (what evolved women want), loved it and would like to share it with you. Enjoy! 

''It's the women who appear the toughest on the outside who are the ones who ache most to trust a man with their feminine heart. They weren't born hard, they were born highly capable, it was tough life circumstances that resulted in them creating armor to protect their sensitive soul. 

On the surface they are tougher than most men, but underneath they ache for a masculine presence strong enough to let go of control. These women have so much love to give hidden beneath that exterior of ultra-confidence and super-capability. 

It takes a confident man to date a woman like this - confident enough that he can create a safe space for her to let her walls down and to feel safe enough to be broken open and loved. 

His strength allows the armor she wears to drop off piece by piece as the tone of her voice shifts slowly from command to connection. The physical strength of her Amazon warrior softens into the feminine goddess she is underneath. Her transformation completes as she yields to her desire to be claimed by a man she trusts to lead. 

It's a ritual that repeats itself each day and where once this man may have been a White Knight feeding his ego by rescuing needy women, he is now fed by the process of breaking down the walls of a woman of awesome power and passion. 

We become what we need to survive, but once we stop looking to others to save us, heal us, give us purpose or complete us and choose to be whole we can attract a partner who has made the same choices. 

Ultra-powerful women have had to become their own hero in the absence of one. What they deserved was a father who was a loving and trustworthy source or wisdom and protection and a society that valued them. They have had to become their own source of strength, but being strong doesn't mean they don't desire a deeper connection.

We weren't designed to spend life on our own. There's no woman who is "too much to handle," just too few men showing up as fathers and partners to make the world safe enough for highly capable women let go and allow a genuinely masculine man to lead. 

There is a softness in every powerful woman simply waiting for the man with the courage to stand with the confidence and consistency to demonstrate she can let go, but nothing short of authentic presence will convince her. 

It's the most incredible feeling of trust, when you know that no matter the challenge or the circumstance, no matter how uncomfortable the subject or conversation, that your partner wants to hear the tough stuff and always takes responsibility for their own issues. ''

Graham R White