I love Italy and love to go back often. What's not to love... it is beautiful with great food and amazing wine, so much art and history. I also love Italians – women are beautiful and stylish and men are fun and friendly and will never let a beautiful women pass by without them noticing which I believe is charming and nice - especially since I live in a country where men on the street mostly look at either their phone or the pavement.  

I came down to Firenze after my workshop in Milano for some Dolce vita. I caught up with my beautiful friend D who was there on business, spend what I made in Milano on shopping, and enjoyed some great food and wine. What a nice way to start off summer holidays.

I spent a few weeks road trippin’ in Tuscany few years back and had the greatest time. I hope I will be able to do this again sometime, but till than I am sharing with you some beautiful photos of Tuscany.

In Joy