I just love how life is so wonderfully unpredictable. I love how universe places challenges along our path just to give us an opportunity to see how far we have really gone. I love how relationships with other beings can be so challenging, yet are the most wonderful opportunity to learn, to understand, to grow. Of course, given we are able to see challenges as blessings. 

Past weeks have been such an opportunity for me to see how far I have gone along my path. My fears have emerged, my faith has been tested, my practice has been challenged. And when I say practice I don’t mean that arm balance transition I have been working on :), but rather being able to stay still in the midst of a storm, being able to ground, to stay centered, to trust, to have faith, to have compassion. Being able to stay with the pain and breathe trough the pain. 

Yoga has been my path and practice for most of my adult life, and it had taught me so much. But, the greatest gift it has given me is the ability to face challenges with stillness and embodied understanding that is beyond the mental. To come back to myself, to follow the voice within, to love unconditionally, to trust life. This is my daily practice, my truth, my path. Small challenges happen every day, greater challenges happen ones in a while and when they do there is so much we can see and learn for our actions. How do we act and react when faced with a challenge? When that storm hits, what choice do we make? How do we deal with the pain? Life is full of challenges and changes, it is how we deal with them that counts. Can we stay calm and know that there will be storms, but also know that storms are followed by most amazing sunsets.

When life presents a challenge, at times I still go back to my old ways, patterns and fears, but now I see it as a reminder, an opportunity to grow. But, how sweet are those times when I don’t. When I can pick up the fruits of my practice and enjoy the juiciness of life. Practice, and all is coming. Indeed it does.

Love AllWays