Any occurrence, no matter how small, can change the course of any event, no matter how big. A flap of a butterfly’s wing can have an influence on a hurricane weeks later, according to the ‘chaos theory’ which deals with unpredictable, nonlinear and uncontrollable. The butterfly effect is just another theory which attempts to prove that everything is connected, every action has a reaction. 

Science tells us that nothing is solid; everything is comprised of energy and empty space. Even the floor you stand on and think is solid, isn’t. We only perceive it that way. Everything in this universe has its own vibrational frequency – the chair you sit on, the sound you hear, your thoughts and emotions. And all is connected through vibration; beautiful eternal a dance which creates connectedness and oneness. 

Universe always seeks (and finds) balance, and it does so trough the principle of cause and effect – every action produces re-action. These theories are anything but new; in Western philosophical tradition the subject of causality goes back to Aristotle, within Eastern philosophy this is what we know as the law of Karma. 

If such a small occurrence as a flap of a butterfly’s wing can change an outcome of a hurricane, can you imagine how much influence our thoughts, words and actions have? If we are a part of a whole, and everything is vibration, so are our feelings, thoughts, words and actions. It is believed that feelings like fear, jealousy and hate vibrate at very low frequency, while the feelings of love, joy and compassion vibrate at a quicker, higher frequency. But, is it enough, or even possible, just to decide to change our thoughts, words and actions? I would say yes, we can change trough intention, but only to an extent. 

Each of us has an abundant capacity to change ourselves, and to change the world, but in order to really, truly do that I believe we must dig deep. We can try and change our thoughts to higher vibration, change the words we speak to those spoken out of love and compassion, change our actions to support our dreams and each other. We can choose the vibration we want to resonate with. However, our hereditary belief system and habitual thoughts of who we are, how we perceive others and the world around us, are comfortably nestled within our subconscious mind, and it is from our subconscious mind that we most often react, create our conscious thoughts, our words, actions and basically our reality. And this is what I mean when I say dig deep and go to the root of things. 

The path to higher consciousness begins with solving the issues of the unconscious mind. There are many paths and techniques we can choose to help us do this, but I do believe it is crucial.  Only than the flap of our butterfly wings will resonate in higher consciousness and change our lives and this world for the better.