Feeling more emotional than usual last few days? Today’s full moon in Cancer might be the reason. Moon, Cancer’s ruling planet, represents emotions and the sacred feminine, so when full Moon meets Cancer, a watery, emotional sign, emotions, sensitivities and feminine qualities amplify. This is a beautiful affair if you’re connected with your inner Self and can sit with whatever comes up and observe without judgement. But, if there’s heaviness on the heart, unsettling emotions not yet processed, you might feel more unstable or emotional than usual.

Today’s full moon calls for exploring the heart and observing what sits heavy on our heart, which emotions arise, what thoughts. Is there space for softness and lightness, for love and compassion? Or is something closing the flow of life (love) in the heart creating heaviness and disconnection? And what needs to be released to allow the flow?

Feelings like anger, guilt, shame lie heavy on our hearts. We often hold on to them as a defence mechanism, we are afraid to let go of this defence as we don’t want to go through the same experience that brought those feelings in the first place, so we choose the road we’ve already travelled because, we don’t know what lies ahead if we choose another path this time around.

Somewhere we all know living in comfort zone is living from fear, and living from fear is not living fully. Fear blocks the flow of life in every part of our being, it's ego’s little helper making sure we’re not free. Moreover, fear is how we’re ‘put in place’ by the society, by the establishment. With fear comes judgment, false believes, separation, disconnection from our true essence and from all other beings, from everything pulsating with life. Letting go of fear, step by step, day by day should be a daily practice for all of us. Only by letting go of fear can we invite more freedom, compassion, lightness and love.

Full moons invite for a more grounded, slow practice and, if I practice or teach on full moon days, I will choose a very Earthy practice picking asanas which ground. But today I had a slow, heart opening practice, not going too deep, rather allowing the heart to open gently and giving time to observe everything that comes up. And things did come up. Something I was struggling with for a while finally came to light. Something which laid heavy on my heart. There is always some pain related to letting go of something. Like tearing off a band aid you had on for years and had adopted as a part of you. Even though it isn't. It made me think of the Stockholm syndrome - developing a sense of trust or even affection to emotions which hold you hostage. It's not always easy to free ourselves of this hostage situation, but if we want freedom, it is necessary. 

I finished my practice with Abhaya Hridaya today, the ‘fearless heart’ mudra. This is one of my favorite mudras and I use it often when I practice. Today it came as true medicine. As the name suggests, this Tantric mudra can increase the flow of energy in the heart giving us courage to act from our fearless heart. To let go of all which blinds us and binds us. To no longer be a hostage. It grounds scattered feelings and thoughts and brings us back to the heart centre.

To practice Abhaya Hridaya mudra cross your wrists in front of the heart, then interlock the little, ring and index fingers and connect the tips of ring finger and thumb. You can use this beautiful mudra today if you feel the energy of this full moon, or anytime while practicing asana or meditating, even in daily life whenever you feel disconnected, fearful or unsettled.

Sending love your way!