I have been offline and off social media for a few weeks, not so much to detox from it all, but more because there was much going on and in so many different ways, so I needed quiet without distraction. And while Advent celebrations are in full bloom here with gatherings and events on every corner, I have been spending much time at home, inviting my friends and family over rather than going out, reading rather than browsing social networks, looking within rather than looking out. 

For me, winter season and an end of a cycle (year) always brings out the need for solitude and introspection and this one more so than ever. This is my time to clear out the debris and drop some weight I carry. To open my mind and heart, to question my beliefs and let go of old perceptions. And this is a process which requires solitude, quiet and silencing the noise so the whisper of the heart can be heard. 

The natural cycle of death and rebirth inviting us to drop the old and make space for the new, which fall /winter season represents the start of, was coupled with some similar planetary aspects this month. After a strong and heavy full moon at the beginning of the month had shed light on the dark side of things, unresolved issues could no longer hide. Unspoken had to be said, truths had to be seen, masks had to fall off, mud which lay in the bottom had to be stirred up to resettle. And this can be a tense, conflicting and tiresome process. It requires clarity, help and most of all a fearless heart; unafraid to see the truth and speak the truth, unafraid to change or accept which cannot be changed, courageous in taking responsibility for one's actions, words and thoughts regardless of (sometimes uncomfortable) outcome. 

If you have felt (and still do) heavy, conflicted doubtful and restless these last few weeks, as I know I have as well as many of my friends and students who confide in me, know you're not alone. We're all in the same boat. But, also know this is all just an intricate part of renewal and awakening. The key is to allow ourselves to feel; get angry, allow yourself to be sad, really feel whatever comes up, and be brave enough to accept it. Be honest, examine yourself and drop what is not yours, and change what you can. I know it's a tall order, but if you feel lost, seek help and guidance of a wise(r) Soul and tune into your heart – it knows the way. We already have the perfect compass within, but to use it we need to be quiet and steady. 

Use this time as a gift.

Speak but also listen; don’t be afraid to speak your truth, don’t be defensive when you hear the truth. Be courageous and drop the old habits which do not serve your growth, drop inherited beliefs not resonating with your heart. Stand up for your self. Don't avoid conflict as it's sometimes needed to stir things up and resettle them. Forgive yourself so you can forgive others. See the things as they are not as what you’ve been told. Be fearless in creating the change you would like to see in the future. And very importantly, use this season to tune in rather than check out and be distracted with all of the shinning lights and consumerism the season brings. 

Once the challenges are behind us, the lightness takes over, optimism and new hope for the future. Why? Because we know we are responsible for the future and we are doing everything to make it brighter for all of us. We're doing the work ourselves, not expecting others to do it for us. We don't play the blame game but take responsibility ourselves. We know we are creating the change within so we can participating in a change without - creating a more just world, relieved of unnecessary suffering. We know we are a part of the solution, not a part of a problem.

Yesterday's new moon in Sagittarius carried the energy of bright new beginning, as Sagittarius carries the energy of our adventurous, free and fearless spirit and aims its arrows to the future, seeking Truth and one’s true purpose in this life. 

So, let that be your guiding light. Be adventurous, be brave, be free and fearless and aim your bow to the brighter future for us all, using your heart to guide you. Be a better human. Create positive change within and without – today.

Wishing you all happy holidays and blessed, light and more conscious New Year! 

Photo credit: Sanjin Kastelan