A powerful new moon is upon is, calling us to look within and explore from where our intentions and actions come from. Do we act out of joy or desire? Compassion or self-gratification? Do we follow our hearts or our egos? Are our actions aligned with our Soul or are they just a play we put up for ourselves and others? Do we act out of love, freedom, humility, and gratefulness or from conformity, need to prove something or a desire to be seen in a certain way?

This is something I have been pondering on for weeks now. Observing myself and people close to me, trying to understand or just feel where thoughts, words and actions come from. So, when I read about this new moon it was an aha moment for me. Now I know why I questioned so much this past few weeks.

Try and pause for a moment today and look at your life right now, observe where you are, take a close look at your plans, hopes and dreams for this year or the future. See what foundations you have built these hopes and dreams on, look deep within and ask yourself with what intentions. Are your plans and dreams serving your growth or are they serving some other purpose? Are you ready to let go of all of those which do not serve your path? Is your life a quest for meaning or a quest for gratification? And are you ready to walk alone, yet not judging those walking in a different direction?

Much to meditate on in the next few days...

About this new moon in the wise words of Sarah Vargas from astro-awakenings.com:

"At this new moon we are consumed by a lack of influence over the world around us and the course of our own lives. We may feel compelled to act and yet powerless to bring about the changes we desire. Until, that is, we bring ourselves into alignment with the deeper current of sacred becoming in our life, adopting its rhythm as our own. This process may necessitate relinquishing a long cherished dream as we recognize the unconscious forces within that have mischievously propelled it to the fore. What we thought was a desire to do good is revealed as simply a need for recognition. What we believed should be our destiny becomes the biggest distraction from all we could become. What we assumed was the truth of our lives is exposed as a confusing lie that we, ourselves, have perpetuated. We can see all this at a new supermoon if we dare peer into its darkness and acknowledge what we find. Or we can allow the forces of ego to whip us up into their special kind of frenzy and pursue (unsuccessfully) the satisfaction of all they demand… To make the best of this moon we must commit to an inner journey that may be scary."