I have been cooking since forever. Baked cakes with my mum when I was still a child and had to use a chair to reach kitchen top, made simple breakfast and lunch for my brother and me while still in primary school, had to cook for myself when I was in my teens and decided to go vegetarian. So, I know my way around the kitchen and know my ingredients so I almost never use recipes. I'm more of an intuitive cook; I open my fridge or pantry and make something out of what I see. This morning I wanted to make pancakes for ChocoNut spread I made yesterday and realised I have no flower of any kind so came up with this simple, delicious variation I'm sharing with you today together with CocoNut recipe;). 

ChocoNut spread


200 g hazelnuts, roasted  
1/2 cup mix of coconut oil & cacao butter
4 spoons of raw cacao powder
4 cacao beans (or a spoon of cacao nibs) 
2 spoonfuls of date syrup (or any other sweetener) 
rice milk (or soy, almond, even water) if needed*

*if the paste gets too hard you can use the milk or water to liquify it a bit

How to: 

- Roast hazelnuts and use a dry kitchen towel to take the skin off
- Melt cacao butter and mix in with coconut oil
- Blend the hazelnuts first than add the mix of cacao and coconut oil
- Add the cacao powder and sweetener to the mix
- Add cacao beens (optional) 
- If the paste is too hard, add milk or water
- Bend until you get an even, smooth mixture
- Taste it! You want it more chocolate flavour? Add more cacao. You like it sweeter? Add more syrup / honey etc. 
- Don't leave it the fridge, it will harden up (like chocolate does) 

Banana pancake

Ingredients (for two pancakes)

1 larger ripe banana
2 spoonfuls of oat flakes
1 teaspoon date syrup (or other sweetener) 
1 teaspoon of Arrowroot powder (or other thickener) 
a pinch of cinnamon
little bit of lemon juice (one squeeze;) 
2 spoonfuls of coconut oil

How to: 

- Blend banana, oat flakes, date syrup and cinnamon for 10 sec only
- Add a teaspoon or more (depending on how thick your dough is) of arrowroot powder
- Add some lemon juice (optional) 
- Heat up coconut oil on a frypan and use half of the blend for one pancake
- Spread into a thicker pancake (I used a spoon to make it flat and shape it) 
- Make sure it doesn't burn; use low heat and turn after a minute or so
- Use a thick spatula to turn and place on a plate so it doesn't break


- Spread ChocoNut while the pancake is still hot
- Top up with raspberries or other fruit (or don't;)

... and enjoy!