I believe kindness makes us happy, giving makes us joyful, seeing alikeness and equality in all gives us peace, helping others makes us feel fulfilled. I believe only love can resonate love back. I believe we are all born as kind, loving, compassionate beings. This is our essence, our truth, our home. And when we dwell in this loving, compassionate state we are aligned with all life, united in love. 

Judgment and hate are learned. We are taught to differentiate, dislike, oppose and disagree with. We are taught to put value on people judging by their appearance, skin colour, shape of their eyes, clothes they wear. We learn to dislike someone just because they live in a country across some imaginary border or pray to a different God. We are taught to feel superior because we have more material wealth or because we (believe we) know more. Men are taught they are superior to women so every other girl and woman walking this Earth has been violated and assaulted some way by those who believe their mother, sister and daughter are to be loved while somebody else's child doesn't matter. We are taught to hate those different, pray on those weaker, turn a blind eye, put a price tag on a life. 

We are taught to see the difference between animals; between a cat, dog, monkey, snake, zebra, cow, pig, elephant. Some we love, some we fear, some we kill because they taste good, some we wear because their fur or skin looks good, some we jail so our kids can see a tiger in Europe, some we ride for pleasure, some we use for entertainment. We believe we love animals and consider our pet a family member while at the same time we eat the flesh of another. We teach our children to love all animals, yet still feed them bacon. We are in shock and sign petitions to stop killing of pilot whales in Faroe Islands and dolphins in Japan, yet we will order a tuna stake at a restaurant. We are disgusted with Korea’s dog eating tradition but will enjoy eating lamb chops. We think bunnies and monkeys are cute and would never hurt them, yet we buy cosmetics which is completely unnecessarily and cruelly tested on animals.  

We say we love nature, we go hiking, to the beach, surfing, sailing etc. and are shocked when we find the sandy beaches of Thailand or Bali are full of rubbish, yet we pollute any chance we get oblivious to the fact that the plastic bottle of water we just bought will most likely end up on that same beach. We turn a blind eye to the fact that the oceans and rivers are polluted, that the Amazon is almost bare, that the climate is evidently changing and all so we can have enjoy our conveniences and eat meat, fish and dairy, drive a big car, own stuff.

In this world Kardashians and alike are admired, scientists, humanitarians and people fighting for good causes are much less important. Image is more important than intelligence, shallowness more than morals. Beauty is valued more than kindness, convenience much more important than preserving the environment. Conformity over freedom. Selfishness over humanity. 

There is something terribly wrong with the society we live in and we are all to blame, but we also all hold the cards to the future in our hands. It is never too late for change. 

The way we live, and we live the way we were taught and told to live, isn’t sustainable. That it is contradictory to common sense, that its unnecessarily cruel, destructive and serves no one, not even ourselves. That there isn’t much logic, kindness or compassion in the way we are taught to live and to see the world.

Let's consider for a moment that underneath the skin we are all made up from the same elements, we all have a beating heart, lungs to breathe, bones to support us, we are all flesh and blood. That we can all love, feel pain, feel joy, be sad. That we all smile when someone smiles at us and that no colour, nationality, religion we belong to, gender we are, beauty and possessions we have, no amount of knowledge, money, fame or power will ensure happiness, stop us from being hurt, falling ill, being depressed and finally leaving this world.

Consider for a moment every life does matter. That it isn’t fair, that it is far from kind or conscious that we get to decide who suffers, who gets to live and who gets to die. Consider for a moment that maybe no life should end to indulge our taste buds. That a mammal produces milk to feed its new born, not to feed a human so no baby should be taken away from their mother so we can eat dairy. That wild animals belong to the wild, that they are conscious just like us, and just like us they don't want to be chained, trained and beaten so we can enjoy a moment of entertainment. 

The idea that some lives matter less really is the root of all that is wrong with the world. If we all focused more on how much alike we are and less on the differences, the world would be a much kinder, happier place. I truly believe we are all born as loving, empathic, kind beings and that everything we think, say and do which doesn’t resonate with that pure essence within takes are further away from the home we all long to come back to.

We need to change and understand that there is no shame in changing our ways once we see the truth, but there is in choosing to turn a blind eye. We have to question everything we have ever been told and taught, everything we see and hear and check the facts, feel if they resonate with our heart and our consciousness. We need to, more than ever, silence the noise, tune in and listen to the truth that whispers from within, see the light within and follow. It will guide us home.