I picked this school primarily because of Nina, a beautiful teacher who shares her knowledge wholeheartedly, amazing guest teachers with so much wisdom and knowledge.
Slavica Zrilic ( TT 200, 2011./2012.)

I am so happy I have decided to enroll in this yoga school. This journey helped me to focus on what is important, my practice changed to another dimension. Amazing experience.
Sunčica Bulešić, Pula (TT 200, 2012./2013.)

My decision to continue yoga education came rather impulsively. After my initial Sivananda yoga training, Vinyasa yoga style was intriguing and interesting to me, so naturally, I decided to attend Nina’s school as she is as a pioneer of Vinyasa in Croatia. Nina is a very inspiring teacher who learned from the best and shares her knowledge without holding back and with deep understanding for her student’s needs. I learned a lot about Vinyasa method with her and so much more; I gained confidence and inspiration to teach and study more. Namaste! 
Senka Ljubic, 2012/14. (TT 300) 

To deepen my yoga education after completing 200 hour programme I choose Sangha yoga school because I wanted to learn Vinyasa yoga principles. Nina Vukas, our lead teacher, learned from the best and transferred her knowledge to us through interesting, logical flow workshops.
Tena Rebrenjak 2012./14. (TT300) 

Teachers at Sangha Om Yoga School have done a great job in preparing me for my journey as a yoga teacher. I have gained useful knowledge and met many great people. Working atmosphere was very friendly and relaxed. I would recommend this school to anyone especially those who want to deepen their Vinyasa flow practice.
Svjetlana Dekic, 2013/14. (TT200)

This is the best school for vinyasa yoga in Croatia and this part of Europe. The knowledge and the skills that you get are very wide, the teachers are very professional, openminded and helpful. I am very happy and grateful that I chose this school. :) Thank you for everything!
Jasna Perin, 2014. /15. (TT200, Prenatal) 

Being accepted to Sangha OM Yoga School was a dream come true. Going to this school gave me knowledge that is helping me doing well also in my other day job and personal life. I think everybody who is working in their life with people, should enter this school. Also Nina is beautiful teacher who has lots of knowledge and her lectures are always relaxed and funny which is exactly what we need in life. Warmly recommended :)
Monja Gobec, 2015./16. (TT200) 

Since I first started practicing yoga I had an urge to learn more than just how to do asanas or breathe Ujayyi. Being a part of Teacher Training with Nina Vukas was exciting and inspiring experience. I learned a lot. Nina and other experts who were teaching us for a year are great in transfering their knowledge and motivating through sharing their personal stories and experinces. It was a good balance of theory, practice, teaching each other and putting into practice everything you learn. I felt confident teaching my first class knowing that Nina taught me well. I feel I made a right choice and I am continuing my education with Nina and other teachers. 
Dada Tolic 2016./17. (TT200, Prenatal)