Integral Vinyasa yoga

After many years of Ashtanga practice, I found my body needed to explore different movement and my mind needed to expand more with different techniques and teachings. So I started to explore other yoga methods, lineages, yogic non-yogic philosophies to get a deeper understanding of the physical and subtle realms and how it all interconnects. My mind is very scientific so I needed to find answers to many questions. This journey took me to many teachers and teachings, and I am grateful to all. 

During many years through my studies, my own personal practice and through teaching, I started to spontaneously develop a method in order to make asana sequences more accessible to my students, to fit different cycles of nature and life as well as different bodies and minds, including my own. The system was first called The art of flow and later renamed to Integral Vinyasa yoga. The method has been unfolding for many years to what it is today, and it is still unfolding and evolving, just like everything else in life.

Integral Vinyasa was born out of my love and passion for yoga, movement dynamics, biomechanics, therapeutics, body psychotherapy, subtle anatomy and Ayurveda as well as out of many years of practice, study, exploration and inspiration I find in teaching classes, workshops and teacher training for many years now. 

Integral Vinyasa is a method based on an intention (Sankalpa) to create safe and healing yoga practice with respect to individual body, mind and soul, using the understanding of traditional yogic concepts, techniques and  philosophy as well today's science and different modern techniques that have evolved in the recent past. The method integrates different yoga tools like asana, different connecting vinyasa, pranayama, mantra, mudra, yoga philosophy into a practice and is based on Vinyasa Krama, a system of progressions and preparation to serve the unfolding of our body and mind. It respects our own cycles and moods as well as nature's cycles and moods. The practice depends upon our own state of body/mind, the time of day we practice, the season we practice, the moon phase, our own personal cycles, moods, energy levels, our health. Integral Vinyasa yoga method takes all into consideration to create different sequences that fit our different cycles, and create a practice that is healing and that supports one's own spiritual growth. 

Yoga is a path to liberation as well as the state of liberation, of ultimate Truth that All is One. On this path yogic techniques are only tools, methods are paths.  What paths and tools we decide to use is an intimate and individual choice, but the goal remains the same for thousands of years - Jivan mukti, the liberation of the Soul.