Only for a moment before reversing direction, the sun will stand still today. Solstice literally means sun (lat.sol) standing still (lat.sistere), inviting us to do the same; to stand still for a moment, to repose, reflect, reset. Because, only in these moments of stillness and calm we can see our true selves. 

Yoga is the practice of stilling the mind so we can see beyond the chatter, beyond the chitta vrtti, so we can hear our inner voice, feel our heart, be guided by our intuition. In meditation we seek those moments of stillness between the breath cycles, between the outside noise, between the thoughts. And these are the moments when we are truly connected with our higher selves, and through our higher selves, with the vibration and the pulsation of everything around us, with the Universe, with the higher power. This is the moments we really see and feel oneness. 

And this is no easy task. In our busy, noisy lives we like to avoid stillness. We like to keep ourselves busy and constantly entertained to avoid just being. In reality, to avoid our selves. Truth comes out in stillness, and some truths are not easy to see. Truths of ourselves, our actions and the world around us. Truths we prefer to keep hidden, lurking in the shadows. The guilt and the shame, the pain and sorrow, vulnerabilities, weaknesses, needs. And yet, only by accepting all of those parts of us can we be free. The light and the dark.

Winter invites us to go deep, to walk through the shadows of our souls, to cast the light on those darkest parts, to look at them, sit still with them no matter how uncomfortable or even painful they are and to ask ourselves ‘do I still need to carry this around’?
Nobody likes to walk through deep dark woods, but many times, the only way out is trough.

Try to slow down and quiet down these winter days. Withdraw more into yourself, sit still, meditate, quiet the outside and the inside chatter. Withdrawal is the essential part of renewal.

And if you can, find some quiet time tonight to look within and contemplate on what your heart longs for, what gives your soul joy. Is it freedom, is it feeling connected? Is it love and compassion? Whatever it is write it on your heart as an intention. Than look at your intention, look with your heart, look from your higher Self and see what stands on the other side of the scale. What do you need to let go of in order to tip the scale or to balance it out. In order to make space. Write it down on the piece of paper and burn it with the intention of letting go. Let the light of fire dissolve all that which does not serve your growth, your heart, your soul. So, when the new day dawns, you know you are closer to Self, to your heart, to your Truth. 

Happy winter solstice to all.


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